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Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK™)

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge

Self Assessment

This self-assessment has been designed to help you gauge your ability to successfully complete the AFK.

The web-based self-assessment consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Upon completion, a tally of correct responses will be provided. These results do not prohibit you from taking the AFK, nor do they guarantee that you will receive the minimum required test equated score on the AFK.

Begin Self-Assessment

The AFK tests biomedical science and applied clinical science knowledge. The AFK serves a dual purpose; it is an admission requirement for Canadian Degree Completion Programs and one of the examinations in the Equivalency Process. A passing grade is required before you can continue to the other examinations in the Equivalency Process.

Format and Content

The AFK consists of 200 single answer multiple-choice questions, delivered in two parts. You will have two hours to complete each part.

The AFK is offered in two formats, electronic delivery at Prometric test centres and booklet format offered at select exam sites. An electronic exam orientation is available for those taking the exam at Prometric. For those taking the booklet examination, we encourage you to read the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Instructions in advance.

The AFK uses single answer multiple-choice type questions. Each question has a value of one. The lowest score for any question is zero.

AFK Protocol

The Protocol contains important information regarding the AFK. This document should be read carefully in preparation for the Examination.

Download the 2024 AFK Protocol. *New*


The NDEB updates examination questions on a regular basis as new knowledge becomes available.


A test equated, re-scaled score of 75 or greater is reported as a Pass. A test equated, re-scaled score of less than 75 is reported as a Fail. Results will include the test equated, re-scaled score. No further breakdown of results is available to participants.

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Passing Standard

In order to ensure the consistency of scores for all versions of the examination, the NDEB uses a test-equating procedure. This procedure correlates a standardized reference assessment with the current version of the examination and determines the standardized mark. The NDEB maintains a standardized passing score of 75 on all examinations.

For more information regarding the processes used to select questions, analyze and test equate examinations visit Scoring and Equating.


You can take the AFK a maximum of three times.

Appeals and Examination Rescoring


Once your Equivalency Process application is approved, you can take
the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK).

Step 1: Register

Login to your NDEBConnect account to register and pay for the examination.

For paper exams, no additional steps are required.

Step 2: Notification for electronic exams

For electronic examinations, after the registration deadline instructions for scheduling your seat time with Prometric will be posted in your registration under ``Documents``.

Step 3: Schedule your electronic exam

Go to and select “find my exam” and follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only register for examinations when registration is open and if spaces are available. If you are unable to register, check the upcoming dates page to confirm registration is open. It is not unusual for examinations to fill-up prior to the registration deadline.

Upcoming Examination Dates

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)

Exam Date13 August, 2024 Registration Deadline09 July, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration open date: 07 March, 2024 10:00 EST