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Test Accommodations

Examinees can request a test accommodation due to a documented disability, medical diagnosis, or for a religious reason. Requests for test accommodation are confidential. Examinees with disabilities who request an accommodation must provide the NDEB with relevant professional supporting documentation as determined by the NDEB.

Granting test accommodations

The NDEB will assess each request for test accommodation on a case by case basis. The decision to grant an accommodation and the type of accommodation granted is at the sole discretion of the NDEB.

The decision, and type of accommodation granted, if any, will depend on the nature and extent of the examinee’s personal situation, the accommodation requested, the supporting documentation provided and the setting, context and requirements of the specific examination.

If the NDEB decides to grant an accommodation to the examinee, then the accommodation will only be valid for one examination session.

All types of accommodations maybe not be available at every site or on every date. The NDEB reserves the right to determine the date, location and time of the examination session.

Guidelines for Accommodation Requests

A request for a test accommodation will be considered if the request, accompanied by the completed Accommodation Request Form  and supporting documentation is made through your NDEBConnect account by the registration deadline date.

Documentation must include:

  • The diagnosis and a description of the examinee’s limitations due to the diagnosis
  • Information about how the diagnosis was made (i.e. tests administered, procedures, and a comprehensive interpretation of the results)
  • The methods used should be appropriate to the diagnosis and in alignment with current professional practices
  • Recommendations for accommodation and how they will reduce the impact of the limitation due to the diagnosis

Unacceptable forms of documentation:

  • Handwritten letters from health care providers
  • Handwritten patient records or notes from patient charts
  • Diagnosis on prescription pads
  • Diagnosis based solely on self-reporting
  • Research articles
  • Accommodations from other organizations, including universities.


The Test Accommodations Coordinator will review the supporting documentation, consult with the examinee, and may discuss submissions with other senior staff as required.

Please send all inquiries related to your request to

Documents can be sent electronically through NDEBConnect or by mail to the NDEB office.

Test Accommodations Coordinator
340 Albert Street, 12th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1P 7Y6