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Getting Your Certificate and License

Getting Your Certificate and License

Receiving an NDEB certificate

An NDEB certificate is issued upon successful completion of the Virtual OSCE, and after proof of graduation is provided to the NDEB office.

  • ProgramHow to Submit Proof of Graduation
  • Graduates of Canadian dental programs

    Canadian dental programs generally provide confirmation of graduation for their final year students directly to the NDEB. Graduates are not required to send anything to the NDEB, unless requested to do so.

  • Graduates of accredited dental programs in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland

    You must request an original official transcript of marks be sent directly to the NDEB in a sealed envelope. The final transcript must indicate the date the degree was conferred. An interim transcript of marks will not include the date of conferral and is not acceptable.

  • Individuals who successfully complete the Equivalency Process

    Individuals who have successfully completed the NDEB Equivalency Process are not required to provide proof of graduation in order to be certified.

The provincial Dental Regulatory Authorities (DRAs) are responsible for issuing dental licenses. Once certified, contact the DRA in the province you wish to practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NDEB does not place limits on the number of certificates that can be issued. The number of certified individuals is based on the number of candidates who have fulfilled the requirements for certification.
The process of certification varies depending on what pathway an individual takes. From the time an individual is eligible to take the certification exams it can take between 6-18 months. The timeframe varies based on how many times the individual is required to take the examinations to pass. The certification examinations can be taken three times.