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Fees are subject to change.

Examination Fees

Written Examination

$ 1000

Written Examination Fee outside North America

$ 1100

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

$ 1000

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) outside North America

$ 1100

Other Fees

Application Fee (one-time fee, non-refundable)

$ 450

Manual rescore Written Examination

$ 150

Manual rescore OSCE

$ 400

Misconduct appeal

$ 1700

Replacement certificate

$ 75

Proof of certification

$ 30 per letter

Proof of Successful Completion

$ 30

Appeal of the Conduct of an Examination


Frequently Asked Questions

Exam fees are established independently for each exam with the objective of being fair and reasonable. They are determined based on exam-specific costs including exam development, costs to administer exams, and overhead. Overhead costs are allocated to exams based on time and effort required to support each exam. Individual exam fees are not intended to subsidize other exams. The fees are reviewed annually and adjusted, as necessary.
Tax receipts for application and examination fees are generated annually and can be obtained through your NDEB online profile.