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Dates and Locations


The documents listed in the application requirements for the Certification Process must be received by the document submission deadline. If documents are not received by the deadline, candidates may be withdrawn from the examination.

Document Submission Deadlines: Subject to change
  • Exam DateSubmission Deadline
  • March 24, 2024

    February 5, 2024

  • May 26, 2024

    May 13, 2024

  • November 2024


Examination Dates

Virtual OSCE

Exam Date10 November, 2024 Registration Deadline02 October, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration open date: 18 June, 2024 10:00 EST


The Virtual OSCE is administered at locations across Canada and select US and international locations. Available locations for the exam will be listed when you login to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile will only provide locations with availability. If your centre does not appear as an option, this indicates there is currently no availability for this location. You can either register for another location, or wait until registration opens for the next examination.
Yes, you can withdraw from a session and register in another session if there is space available. Withdraw can now be processed instantaneously on your NDEBConnect profile and you can register immediately at another location, provided places are available and registration is still open. 
You can only register for examinations when registration is open and if spaces are available. If you are unable to register, check the upcoming dates page to confirm registration is open. It is not unusual for examinations to fill-up prior to the registration deadline.