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The NDECC replaced the ACS in 2022.​

The purpose of the NDECC  is to assess the clinical competence of dentists trained in non-accredited programs. The new NDECC® Test Centre located in Ottawa, ON will offer sessions multiple times a week throughout the year.

The NDECC can be taken an unlimited number of times in a 60 months period.

Format and Content

The NDECC comprises two components. The clinical skills component assesses clinical skills and techniques relevant to current Canadian standards. The situational judgement component assesses judgement required for solving problems in work related situations.

Details can be found in the NDECC Protocol.


The NDECC® Protocol provides specific details regarding the format and grading criteria as well as the examination blueprint. The Protocol should be read carefully.

Download the NDECC Protocol Effective October 1, 2023

Clinical skills equipment, instruments and supplies​

The NDECC® Practical Guide contains information about the NDECC® Test Centre and is designed to provide examinees with details about the facilities, instruments and materials provided, as well as answer frequently asked questions about the examination and Test Centre. This document will be updated when new information is available.

Download the NDECC Practical Guide Effective January 9, 2024

Registering for the NDECC®

Once you pass the Assessment of Clinical Judgment (ACJ), you are eligible to register for the NDECC®.


Log in to your NDEB® online profile to register and pay for the examination.

Select you preferred exam date

You will see all the available sessions in the exam window. Select your preferred exam date. Keep in mind that the exam date you select is tentative, and that you will need to be flexible within the month of the exam. The exact date of your NDECC exam will be confirmed when registration closes. Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Consult the withdraw policy

There is a withdrawal fee of 50% for withdrawals that take place during the registration window. Visit the Withdraw from an Examination page for information related to the NDECC® withdraw policies.

Online profile update

Always keep your online profile up to date. Make sure that the language in which you wish to take the exam and your left/right handedness is updated in your online profile. ​

Upcoming NDECC® Sessions

The NDECC is delivered throughout the year. You can look at upcoming NDECC sessions on the NDECC calendar. Click on the exam date to see the registration window and evaluation period for the exam you want to take.


Exam Date15 - 16 April 2024 Registration Deadline12 February, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration is closed


Exam Date17 - 18 April 2024 Registration Deadline12 February, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration is closed


Exam Date22 - 23 April 2024 Registration Deadline12 February, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration is closed


Exam Date24 - 25 April 2024 Registration Deadline12 February, 2024 21:00 EST
Registration is closed

Frequently Asked Questions

The NDECC test centre will be equipped with the 700 series typodont as of October 1, 2024.
As with all materials and supplies for the NDECC, the NDEB updates what is provided to remain current with what may be used in Canadian dental programs.
Each examinee is not provided their own amalgamator. You will be allowed to use the amalgamators with gloves.
No vaccination certificate will be required at the NDECC® test center.
The NDECC consists of two components, the Clinicals Skills component and the Situational Judgement component. If you fail both components you must repeat the full NDECC. However, if you fail one component you are only required to repeat the failed component.
When you register for an NDECC™ session you will be informed of when your work will be evaluated. There are currently four evaluation session planned per year. The number of weeks between your examination and the evaluation will depend on the schedule.
There is no limit on the amount of material that is supplied. At the beginning of the day, your kit will include what an average candidate would use during an NDECC™ examination. Should you need additional supply, you will be able to request them to attending NDEB® staff members.
There are several electrical outlets available to charge your battery packs.
During our tests, we determined that the fine and medium diamond burs were inefficient and caused burning of the plastic teeth. The NDEB will therefore be only providing coarse and extra coarse diamonds. There will however be a friction grip low speed handpiece available should you wish to use the coarse burs on a slowspeed handpiece.    
The NDEB® will not answer questions about preparation design. It is the responsibility of a competent dentist to know how much reduction and what preparation and margin designs need to be achieved for specific teeth and various restorative materials.
The exam will be held at the NDECC® Test Centre located at 340 Albert Street, 12th Floor, Ottawa, ON. The Test Centre is located:
  • Near the Starbucks on Albert and Kent Street
  • A 4 minute walk from the O-Train Lyon Station
  • 4 km from the Ottawa train station
  • 11 km from the Ottawa airport
At the Test Centre, you will have access to an examinee locker room, examinee lounge including kitchen, an examinee private room for prayer, breastfeeding, meditation, etc., washrooms, a classroom, situational judgement rooms, and the simulation clinic.
You should wear comfortable professional streetwear. A disposable surgical gown to wear on top of your clothes will be provided. Closed toed shoes with socks must be worn. For the health and comfort of examinees and staff the Test Centre is a scent free environment. We request that you avoid scented products such as cologne, aftershave, perfume, and scented lotion. The use of scented deodorant is permitted.
The Test Centre will be equipped with A-dec simulators and Kilgore International, Inc. Darwin heads.
The handpieces used in the Test Centre will be Kavo handpieces. The handpieces are air driven.
You will be provided with all the necessary equipment, materials, and instruments for your examination. If needed, you should bring an extra battery for your loupes.
You are permitted to bring your lunch, snacks, drinks, medications (if pre-approved), and menstrual products. You must provide your own protective eyewear. Dental surgical loupes (and batteries) are permitted. You must also bring the NDECC® card provided at registration.
If, during your exam, you leave the Test Centre, even to return to reception, you will not be permitted back into the Test Centre to complete your exam.