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Withdraw from an Examination

To withdraw from an examination you must notify the NDEB office by submitting the Withdrawal Form below. All withdrawals are subject to a fee.

Withdrawal fees will apply as per the fee schedule.

  • Time of withdrawalWithdrawal fee
  • Withdrawal up to 15 days prior to the registration deadline

    25% of the fee

  • Withdrawal 14 days prior to the registration deadline and up to 15 days prior to the examination

    50% of the fee

  • Withdrawal within 14 days of the examination date, or failure to appear for the examination

    100% of the fee

  • Withdrawal for serious medical circumstances or unanticipated exceptional circumstances (see examination policies for details)

    25% of the fee

To withdraw from an examination you must complete and submit this form electronically to the NDEB. If you experience a health-related issue or personal circumstance prior to the start of an examination that will prevent you from showing your abilities, you must withdraw. If you do not attend the examination, you will not lose an attempt.

Medical documents submitted must be in accordance with the NDEB’s Policies for Examinations.

Withdraw from an Examination Form
Medical documents to be submitted? *
Maximum upload size: 402.65MB

Authorization and declaration

I declare that the information and all supporting document(s) I have provided are truthful, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that a false or misleading statement may result in an allegation of misconduct.

I understand that withdrawal fees will be applied as per the fees listed on the NDEB website.

I understand that I cannot cancel my withdrawal request once it has been sent to the NDEB office.

I authorize the NDEB to contact the medical professional who issued documentation, if submitted.