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Virtual OSCE

Virtual OSCE

The Virtual OSCE will replace the current certification examinations, the Written Examination and OSCE.

The Virtual OSCE® is a summative examination that assesses the problem solving and critical decision-making skills required of beginning dental practitioners in Canada. Examination items are based on the knowledge, skills and abilities of beginning dental practitioners in Canada. The Virtual OSCE® is a national standard of competence for dentists in Canada. The examination leads to NDEB certification and is required for licensure in Canada.

The Virtual OSCE consists of 200 questions. There are 50 standard single answer multiple choice questions and 150 case based questions. The questions can include photos, radiographs, charts, and other supporting material.

The blueprint below shows the content areas and approximate percentage of questions in each area. Each blueprint category will contain questions pertaining to the diagnosis and/or the management of patients. Questions may also relate to pediatric or geriatric patients, patients with special needs, radiology, and pharmacology and/or therapeutics.

Virtual OSCE Blueprint
  • Virtual OSCE BlueprintApproximate % of Questions
  • Oral Medicine and Pathology


  • Periodontics


  • Endodontics


  • Prosthodontics


  • Orthodontics


  • Operative Dentistry


  • Surgery


  • Pain


  • Prevention and management of medical emergencies including management of medically complex patients


  • Total


Virtual OSCE Information Session

Learn more about the format, content and grading of the Virtual OSCE by watching the Virtual OSCE information session.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for the Virtual OSCE is $2000.00.
If you have passed one of the current certification examinations but have not passed the other by the time the Virtual OSCE is implemented, you will be required to pass the Virtual OSCE to be certified.
The Virtual OSCE can be taken a maximum of three times.
No, a candidate who needs to repeat the Written Examination and/or OSCE will not have three attempts at the Virtual OSCE. The attempts at existing certification examinations are counted as part of the maximum number of times a person can take the Virtual OSCE.