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Study Resources

The materials available here are protected by intellectual property laws, and are provided for limited, non-commercial use only. The rules for their use are strictly enforced by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB). Information on the NDEB’s intellectual property and the limits on how they may be used are set out in the introduction to certain study resources, and also in the NDEB Terms and Conditions.

Virtual OSCE Orientation

This video should be watched by candidates planning to take the Virtual OSCE.

Virtual OSCE Frameworks

The Virtual OSCE Frameworks provide an illustration of the case-based question formats generally used in the Virtual OSCE. The Virtual OSCE Frameworks do not represent the proportion of test items in the Virtual OSCE. All frameworks may not appear in a given form of the Virtual OSCE.

Download the Virtual OSCE Frameworks in PDF. Revised February 6, 2024

NDECC Situational Judgement Reference List

The Situational Judgement component assesses skills required for managing issues that arise in the dental office. The purpose of this list of references is to help examinees prepare for the situational judgement component of the NDECC. It is understood that examinees would not read all the references on this list but would rather refer to some of the references to review certain topics.

Download the NDECC Reference List 2023 / Liste de référence de l’EDNCC 2023 in PDF. Revised October, 2023

Tips for taking the NDECC

Download Tips for the NDECC in PDF.

NDECC Situational Judgement Example(s)

The NDECC Situational Judgment example document provides a sample situational judgement scenario and corresponding grading scheme. Download the NDECC Situational Judgement Station Sample in PDF. Revised October, 2023.

What to expect on NDECC exam day

Reference Texts

The list of reference texts contains material recommended in faculties of dentistry. Additional references for the NDSE in each specialty can be found on the specialty specific pages of the website.

Download the NDEB reference text list in PDF. (Updated November 8, 2021)

Released Question Bank

Download the released question bank in PDF.

Multi-Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Some NDEB examinations contain a question format described as multi-answer multiple-choice. This question type includes a question with one or more correct answers. The grade you receive on each question depends on if you select all the correct answers, some of the correct answers, or an incorrect answer.

To see an example of responses of three different examinees and the score for each question based on their answers download the Multi-Answer Multiple Choice Questions Example in PDF.

ACJ Question and Answer Framework

The question and answer framework for the ACJ provides an example of the formats commonly used in the ACJ. You are strongly encouraged to view the framework document in preparation for the ACJ.

Download the ACJ Question and Answer Framework in PDF (Updated March 4, 2021).

AFK and ACJ Electronic Exam Orientation

NDEB Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) Framework

This document lists 43 KSAs that are required for the safe and effective practice of a beginning dental practitioner in Canada.

Download the NDEB KSAs in PDF.

Additional Resources

The Federation of Canadian Dental Student Associations also has resources available on their website at