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The NDECC® Test Centre Benefits

The NDEB® considered a purpose-built testing facility for the ACS for many years, as relying on Canadian Faculties of Dentistry facilities to administer the ACS impacted both the number of candidates who were able to take the exam as well as the timing of the examination. With its own facility, the NDEB will be able to administer the NDECC® continuously throughout the year.

The construction of the NDECC® Test Centre within the NDEB® office in Ottawa was the logical choice as Ottawa is centrally located in Canada, accessible by air, train and car and offers an abundance of amenities for visiting examinees. “Most, if not all, examinees were already required to travel to a Faculty of Dentistry to participate in the ACS, as seats were limited at the nine dental schools.” stated Dr. Marie Dagenais Executive Director and Registrar.

The frequency in which the NDEB® will be able to offer the NDECC® will also provide examinees with flexibility to plan their travel and exam time around their schedules. Dr. Dagenais also noted that with a single test centre for the skills examination “all examinees will have access to the same equipment and testing environment.”

Each exam session takes 20 examinees who will be provided with everything they need for the NDECC® from instruments to gowns and gloves. This will mean that examinees do not need to anticipate what they might need to bring to the examination and transport it all those supplies to the exam centre.




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