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NDEB® Runs Successful Test of New Exam Centre

On April 22-23, 2022, the NDEB® hosted a cohort of students at their new test facility in Ottawa. Over the two days, the 20 participants completed the requirements of the new NDEB® skills examination, the NDECC®. 

The NDECC® is the third and final examination in the NDEB® Equivalency Process for graduates of non-accredited dental programs. The NDECC® is designed to test the clinical skills and situational judgement required of the minimally competent dentist in Canada.  

Construction of the NDECC® Test Centre was completed in the spring and the first NDECC® is scheduled to run in early September 2022. “A dry run ahead of the first administration was identified as a key activity leading up to the delivery of this new examination” stated Dr. Caroline Nguyen, Director of Examinations. During the dry run, the cohort was divided into two groups, each group completing the Clinical Skills component on one day and the Situational Judgement component on the alternate day mirroring the format of the real examination. Orientations were provided for each component and examiners were present to observe and assist with any onsite issues. 

The NDEB® set several objectives for the dry run including determining if the appropriate amount of time had been allotted for both the Clinical Skills and Situational Judgement components, testing the equipment, instruments and supplies, confirming examinees will have everything they need to successfully complete the requirements, and ensuring all of the equipment is in working order. “It was imperative that we do our due diligence and test all aspects of the examination before we launch in September”, stated Dr. Marie Dagenais Executive Director and Registrar.  

Following the completion of the dry run, a debrief session was facilitated by NDECC® Chief Examiner, Dr. Gord Janke. The purpose of the debrief was to obtain feedback on all aspects of the NDECC®. “Overall, the feedback from the participants was very positive” stated Dr. Dagenais. In addition to the positive feedback, areas for improvement were discussed, and the NDEB will be using the feedback, particularly related to instruments and materials, to make minor adjustments in preparation for the September administration. Examinees expecting to take the NDECC® later this year will see some changes to the NDECC® Practical Guide resulting from the feedback obtained during the dry run. 

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