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Technical Issues: Online Platform for the Equivalency Process

On October 4, 2021, the NDEB experienced significant technical issues with its online platform for graduates of non-accredited dental programs. The issues experienced were system wide and impacted everyone including NDEB staff, limiting our ability to provide support to those who reached out.

The technical issues resulted in the inability for individuals to login or complete transactions in the system. The issue(s) persisted for half of the day before the system returned to its regular responsiveness.

It is expected that the volume of users attempting to access the portal exceeded the resources dedicated to the system causing consistent timeout errors. We have directed our third-party registration provider to investigate the issue(s) that occurred and provide a full report on the event and mitigating strategies for the future.

We recognize the effect this issue has had, particularly on those trying to register for the February Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) and share your frustration. Our candidates deserve a better registration experience, and we are working diligently to find solutions for the future.

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