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Changes to the ACS effective June 2019

The June 2019 Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS) is quickly approaching.

The ACS orientation video was made available on our YouTube channel and website earlier this month and it is recommended participants watch it before the Assessment.

Be sure to carefully review the June 2019 ACS Protocol before the Assessment as there have been changes since the last Assessment including:

  • changes to the schedule of the ACS. All examinees will now have a mandatory 30 min break on both days of the assessment.
  • caries will be orange in both practice and requirement teeth.
  • participant registration packages are no longer provided. You are just required to bring your ID (refer to the June 2019 Protocol for what is accepted). You will be provided with an ID badge when you check in. All documentation will be available at the clinic.
  • Participant Communication Forms will also no longer be available for the Assessment. If you have any questions or concerns with your typodont or supplied equipment, you will be required to communicate it to the invigilator on-site.

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