Application to the NDEB Equivalency Process

Application to the NDEB Equivalency Process involves three steps:

1. Creation of an online profile

Graduates of eligible non-accredited dental programs can apply for the NDEB Equivalency Process through the NDEB online portal. To create an online profile you will need:

  • a current photograph in JPEG or PNG format
  • a valid credit card

The following documents are designed to help you create your online profile:

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2. Submission of required documents

After creating an online profile, you must submit a series of required documents.  The Required Documents and the Confirmation of Degree Completion form will be available on the dashboard of your online profile.

If you are unable to submit the required documents due to circumstances beyond your control you may use the NDEB Alternative Documentation Submission process.

3. Credential verification

All required documents are subject to the NDEB’s credential verification process. This process starts when all the required documents are received.

As documents are moved through the credential verification process, the status of each document is updated in your online profile.  When all of the required documents are accepted, you will receive an email indicating that your application has been approved, and you will be eligible to register for the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK). 

You can view the status of your documents by logging on to your online profile.

Incomplete applications

When a document does not meet the requirements for credential verification you will receive notification by email. The email will outline what you need to do to complete the application.

When documents are submitted incorrectly, it delays the credential verification. Review the Required Documents carefully to ensure your documents meet the necessary criteria.

The NDEB’s credential verification process and document requirements are established using best practice and research into documents issued internationally. The NDEB monitors the circumstances in all countries to maintain reasonable documentation standards.


The NDEB has developed a web-based self-assessment in order to help individuals gauge their ability to successfully complete the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK).

The web-based self-assessment consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Upon completion, a tally of responses (correct, incorrect, and unanswered) will be provided, as well as guidelines on how to proceed based on the score. These results are provided as a guideline and do not prohibit you from taking the Assessment, nor do they guarantee that you will receive the minimum required test equated score on the Assessment.

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Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs

Accredited Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs are offered by Faculties of Dentistry in Canada.  These programs are designed to familiarize international graduates to dentistry and dental practice in Canada. Upon successful completion of a Qualifying or Degree Completion Program individuals are eligible to participate in the NDEB Certification Process.

Contact information for Canadian Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs can be found in the Reference Materials and Resources section of the website.


Can the NDEB assist in obtaining visas?

The NDEB cannot provide assistance in obtaining visas or other documents required for travel for the purposes of participating in the assessments/examinations. However, the NDEB can provide a confirmation of registration letter if requested. This letter will be sent to the email address on your online profile within two weeks from receipt of the request. If an original letter is required, this must be included in your request and will be sent by regular mail.

An application rejection appeal process is available to anyone whose application to be a participant has been rejected.