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Now available NDECC® registration and exam dates

Unlike other NDEB® examinations, the NDECC® will be offered continuously throughout the year. This will provide examinees with flexibility when determining when they want to register for the examination. To assist examinees in their planning, a new exam calendar has been created specifically for the NDECC®.  

The NDECC® Calendar  provides easy and efficient access to upcoming exam sessions dates, registration windows and evaluation session dates.     

The calendar currently includes dates beginning on September 7th, 2022, until the 12th of January 2023, the date of the evaluation session for the 2022 November and December examination sessions. Additional 2023 NDECC® sessions will be added in the fall. 

Each NDECC® session in the calendar includes information about when the registration for that session will take place as well as when the evaluation session will take place. Examinees will continue to be able to find upcoming examination dates and deadlines for all NDEB® examinations on the Examination Dates and Locations page of our website. 

To plan your NDECC® session go check our NDECC® Calendar.  

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