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NDEB Finalizes Decision Regarding Applicants with Credentials from Magadh University

On September 20, 2019, the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) met to review the findings of the investigation into the validity and authenticity of the academic credentials awarded to BDS students by Magadh University.

On review of the findings, the NDEB determined that it was unable to verify the validity and authenticity of the credentials issued by Magadh University and as a result would cease the progression of individuals with credentials issued by Magadh University through the NDEB examination processes and no longer accept applications from graduates with credentials from Magadh University.

This decision comes after the NDEB identified significant discrepancies between documents originating from Magadh University. The NDEB investigation was exhaustive. Despite these efforts, the NDEB has exhausted its ability to obtain the information needed to be confident in the validity and authenticity of the documents. The NDEB will be reimbursing eligible examination registration fees to individuals currently in various stages of the examination processes.

The NDEB is a statutory body charged with important public interest responsibilities. The public and Dental Regulatory Authorities rely on the NDEB to ensure a valid and reliable evaluation of competence for persons seeking to practice dentistry in Canada. The NDEBs application requirements follow best practices for the evaluation of academic credentials. A decision of this magnitude is not made lightly. The responsibility of the NDEB to the public and the profession requires the utmost confidence in the decisions it makes regarding eligibility for certification as a dentist in Canada.

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