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Why does it take so long to get my results?

It is not uncommon for the NDEB to receive many inquiries following the administration of an exam. One question that is regularly asked is “why does it takes so long for the NDEB to provide the results?”

The NDEBs result processing is in-depth and designed to ensure that the results released to examinees are accurate and reflect the performance of the examinee on the test.

As NDEB examinations are currently delivered on paper across the country, all exam materials need to first be shipped back to the NDEB office and reconciled. Answer sheets are then scanned, and staff confirms any missing identification information or version numbers.

Once all the data has been captured, a calculation and initial validation of results takes place. This process includes verifying a pre-determined number of answer sheets through hand scoring to confirm no electronic scoring errors are occurring.

A series of statistical reports are then generated, and the Chief and Assistant Chief Examiners review the reports as well as the differential analysis between English and French versions to identify any anomalies.

The results are then verified a final time before being released to examinees. In general, this process takes between four and six weeks, and while the NDEB appreciates the anticipation of those awaiting their results, the accuracy of the results processing is paramount and done in a way the NDEB can be confident there are no errors.

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