In 2015, the NDEB adopted a three-year strategic plan. The plan focuses on strategies in the areas of governance, communications, accreditation standards and reciprocal agreements, and examinations and assessments. The strategies in each area are outlined below.


•    Review and update By-laws, Policies, and processes to align with the strategic plan 
•    monitor the implementation of strategic initiatives and revise implementation plan as required.  
•    Provide financial stewardship
•    Provide the required human resources to support the strategic plan.
•    Maintain HR processes consistent with legislative requirements and industry standards


•    Strengthen relationships with CDRAF, DRAs, ACFD, CDAC, FCDSA, and RCDC
•    Improve communications with the dental profession
•    Develop strategy to communicate with federal and provincial governments
•    Represent the NDEB at the international level
•    Improve communications with applicants, participants, and candidates
•    Improve communications with Board members, Chief Examiners, and staff
•    Conduct and publish research

Accreditation standards, processes, and reciprocal agreements

•    Support CDAC’s efforts to review and revise the dental accreditation process
•    Review the equivalence of accreditation processes recognized through reciprocal agreements

Examinations and Assessments

•    Continue to promote validity, reliability, and fairness of all examinations/assessments
•    Provide increased security for all examination/assessment processes
•    Improve efficiency of examination and assessment processes
•    Develop and implement the Virtual OSCE as a replacement for the Written Examination and OSCE
•    Develop and implement electronic deliver for AFK and ACJ
•    Review ACS appeals process and requirements