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Dental Public Health

Dental public health is the branch and specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and control of dental diseases and the promotion of oral health through organized community efforts. Dental public health serves the community and the public through research, health promotion, education, and oral healthcare programs.

Format and Content

The NDSE in dental public health will be administered electronically in three two hour parts.

Part 1 will consist of a policy analysis of a dental public health topic. A series of long answer questions will be provided to assess candidates’ ability to analyze information provided in a written document, and to write and defend appropriate options for oral health policies to address the problems identified in the document.

Part 2 will comprise a computer-based data analysis of dental epidemiologic data provided in a format similar to what would be collected using the World Health Organization. (2013). Oral health surveys: Basic methods (5th ed.). An IBM SPSS® Statistics software data set will be provided on a PC laptop computer with a standard mouse. Data analysis skills will be assessed through a series of short- and long-answer questions.

Part 3 may consist of a mix of single and multiple answer multiple-choice questions, and short constructed response questions covering basic dental epidemiological principles and dental public health issues in Canada.

Canadian dental public health specialists are required to have broad knowledge and skills in the seven domains of the dental public health blueprint. The blueprint found in the NDSE Protocol shows the content areas and approximate percentage of questions (cases/topics/computer-based data analysis/policy analysis) in each domain.

References and Resources