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Verification of Scores

Verification of Scores AFK, ACJ, DSCKE, Virtual OSCE, and NDECC

Examinees who have failed an NDEB examination, may within 30 days of the release of results request a verification of their score. Verification of scores is requested through your NDEBConnect account.

Verification of the NDSE

There are two options for verification of an NDSE score.

  1. Verification of score
    A calculation of the final grade. A verification of score is unlikely to change your final grade as all failing results have already been re-calculated by NDEB staff.
  2. Regrade
    A regrade is a re-evaluation of your performance using the original grading rubric, by a different group of examiners. Examinees who have taken and failed the NDSE in Dental Public Health, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology, and Prosthodontics may request re-evaluation of their score for the constructed responses only.

If you intend to request a rescore followed by a regrade if your result does not change, you must request both the rescore and regrade at the same time. When both a rescore and regrade are requested, the rescore will be completed first. If the rescore results in a passing grade, NDEB will cancel the regrade request and refund the regrade fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verification of scores is available to examinees who have failed the examination. To request a verification of your AFK or ACJ score, log in to your NDEB online profile and select “Other Services”. For the Written, OSCE, or NDSE, you must log in to your NDEB online profile and select “results” from the menu on the left. For DSCKE participants, your request must be submitted by email to and payment sent by cheque or money order to the NDEB office.
Examinees are notified of the result of the verification by email approximately 6 weeks following the request. Regrades are typically completed within 12 weeks. In no circumstances will examinees have access to their examinations or scoresheets.