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Appeal of the Conduct of the Examination

An appeal of the conduct of an examination is a request to void an examination attempt because of an irregularity or inconsistency that occurred during the examination which impacted your ability to perform to the best of your ability.

If, during the conduct of an examination, you believe there may be irregularities or inconsistencies in the conduct of the examination that are preventing you from demonstrating your ability with the subject matter of the examination, you must immediately report the matter to the onsite staff at the examination centre.

To request an appeal, you must submit the Appeal of the Conduct of the Examination Request Form within seven days of the examination date. Late submissions will not be considered. Your submission must describe irregularities or inconsistencies, and how they prevented you from demonstrating your abilities, and provide supporting documentation.

Your examination results will be held. A Panel of the Appeals Committee will consider your submission at their next available meeting.

The Panel will consider your appeal submission and may use resources when considering your appeal, including but not limited to NDEB correspondence, notifications, protocols, policies, etc. The Panel will either grant your appeal and your examination will be voided, or dismiss your appeal and release your examination result. This decision will be final.

For more information, please refer to the NDEB By-laws.

Appeal of the Conduct of the Examination Request Form

Appeal of Conduct of Examination
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