The purpose of the Technical Reports is to summarize the processes followed by the NDEB to develop, administer, and score examinations/assessments administered in a calendar year in compliance with widely accepted testing standards, and to provide a summary of the information needed to support the validity and reliability of the examinations/assessments. 

The processes described in these reports may differ from those used in other years. 

Technical Report - Written Examination 2016

Download the Technical Report Written Examination 2016 in .pdf

Technical Report - OSCE 2016

Download the Technical Report Objective Structured Clinical Examination 2016 in .pdf

Technical Report - Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge 2016

Download the Technical Report - AFK 2016

Technical Report - Assessment of Clinical Judgement 2016

Download the Technical Report - ACJ 2016

Technical Report - Assessment of Clinical Skills 2016

Download the Technical Report - ACS 2016