All fees must be paid by credit card at the time of application and/or registration.


Effective 1 July 2017

Effective 1 January 2018

Application Fee (payable once, non-refundable) $1100.00 $1150.00


Fees for 2017 Assessments

Fees for 2018 Assessments

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)      

$800.00 $1000.00

Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ)

$1500.00 $1800.00

Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)

$6000.00 $7000.00

Withdrawal and Other Service Fees

Withdrawal prior to the registration deadline - AFK & ACJ $250.00
Withdrawal prior to the registration deadline - ACS $1500.00
Withdrawal after the registration deadline and up to 15 days prior to the assessment 50% of assessment fee
Withdrawal 14 days prior to, or failure to appear for, the assessment Full assessment fee
Manual rescore Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge $150.00
Manual rescore Assessment of Clinical Judgement $400.00
Appeal Assessment of Clinical Skills  $850.00
Transcript of marks  $30.00/letter


For a complete list of policies regarding assessment fees read the NDEB By-laws and policies for assessments and examinations.

Tax receipts for application and assessment/examination fees are generated annually and can be obtained through your NDEB online profile.