Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge
August 10, 2019
Registration Deadline: 
May 22, 2019
21:00 EST
Assessment of Clinical Judgement
November 23, 2019
Registration Deadline: 
October 3, 2019
21:00 EST
Assessment of Clinical Skills
December 07-08, 2019
Registration Deadline: 
October 9, 2019
21:00 EST


Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)

AFK centres are established at multiple locations across the Canada, generally in a city with a Faculty of Dentistry, and at various international locations.

Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ)

The ACJ will be administered at Prometric test centres across Canada and in select centres in New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, and England. The assessment time will vary based on the time zone of the test centre.

Assessments held at centers in New Zealand and Australia will take place the day following the administration in Canada.

Policies regarding the establishment of assessment locations can be found in the policies for assessments and examinations.

Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)

The ACS is administered at most Canadian Faculties of Dentistry and in New Zealand. Each Faculty may have different handpiece connections. The Handpiece Connections document provides images and descriptions of the handpiece connections at Canadian Faculties of Dentistry. 

When you register for an assessment through your online profile you will be given a list of available locations for the current session. The NDEB will try and accommodate location preferences but may have to offer alternative locations due to space limitations at some locations.

Policies for the establishment of assessment locations

For a complete list of policies regarding the establishment of assessment locations read the NDEB By-laws and policies for assessments and examinations.