Graduates of non-accredited dental specialty programs who are interested in becoming licensed specialists in Canada can apply to take the Dental Specialty Core Knowledge Examination (DSCKE). The DSCKE is used by Canadian faculties of dentistry as part of the admission process for entry into Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Programs (DSATPs). Please note that there are very few positions available in the DSATPs. DSCKE results are automatically sent to Canadian Faculties of Dentistry that offer DSATPs.

Applicants must be graduates of a dental specialty program from a university that is sanctioned by the government of the country in which it is located to award such degrees but is not recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. The dental specialty must be one of the nine dental specialty programs recognized in Canada.

Self-evaluation checklists for each specialty have been developed as a guide to assist potential applicants in evaluating whether their specialty training meets the basic criteria for admission into a DSATP. For detailed information about the curriculum content, competencies, objectives and outcomes, evaluation methodology and teaching methods, and other requirements, of accredited Canadian specialty programs, visit the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada website.

NDEB Certification does not guarantee licensure

Dental Regulatory Authorities (DRAs) may require additional documentation, jurisprudence tests, and evidence of language proficiency prior to licensure.