Selling NDEB exam questions: The consequences of copyright infringement

June 1, 2015

The NDEB has become aware that a number of individuals are attempting to profit from selling NDEB released questions. This activity is strictly prohibited by the NDEB’s copyright. The copyright gives the NDEB the exclusive ownership and right to the questions. Anyone determined to be reproducing NDEB questions and/or selling questions and answers is violating the NDEB’s copyright. Violation of copyright or copyright infringement, whether intentional or unintentional, is a punishable offense.

The NDEB makes the released item bank available for personal use in order to provide fair and equal access to examination items, and the NDEB takes abuse of this service by constructing answers and selling the material very seriously.

To enforce its copyright, the NDEB will pursue unauthorized use and distribution of its materials. The NDEB continuously monitors and will pursue legal action and/or revoke the NDEB Certificate of individuals found distributing copyrighted material. The NDEB has issued a number of cease and desist orders in the last several months and is pursuing other individuals and groups suspected of violating NDEB copyright.