The NDEB shows zero tolerance when it comes to compromising assessment integrity

September 1, 2014

During a recent meeting of the NDEB’s Examinations Committee, members were presented with a case of suspected cheating at the June 2014 Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ).  The evidence, including reports from witnesses, statistical analysis by an outside firm, and submissions from the accused participants, was carefully considered.

Assessment and examination security is paramount at the NDEB. Given the scope of the evidence, the Committee determined that cheating was the only conclusion and that the participants in question had compromised the integrity of the Assessment.  Consequently, the participants’ results were voided, and they are now ineligible to participate in any future NDEB assessments or examinations.

The NDEB takes assessment and examination security very seriously, and we will pursue action against individuals suspected of compromising the integrity of its assessments and examinations. To advance this goal, the NDEB recently revised its By-laws regarding conduct during assessments and examinations.

The revised By-laws can be found on the NDEB website.