Changes to the NDEB Protocols Address Examination Security Issues

December 21, 2016

The National Dental Examining Board of Canada’s (NDEB) Annual Meeting was held in late October 2016. During the meeting, the Board approved the 2017 Examination and Assessment Protocols in which the NDEB demonstrates its zero tolerance for cheating and exam reconstruction, as well as its understanding of the physical needs of its examinees.

In previous years, leaving the examination/assessment room and bringing water into the examination room were prohibited as part of the NDEB’s initiatives to maintain examination integrity. However, the 2017 Protocols now indicate that examinees will be permitted to use the washroom facilities and consume bottled water during examinations and assessments without providing a medical certificate to the NDEB office. As examination security is still paramount to the NDEB, these allowances are not without restrictions. The details of the changes are clearly outlined for examinees in the Protocols found on the NDEB website.

Another significant change to the Protocols are the regulations regarding electronic devices in the examination room. The new regulations indicate that any person found with a prohibited electronic device on their person during and examination will be dismissed immediately from the examination and given and zero score. The NDEB’s list of prohibited electronic devices includes cellphones and smart watches. 
In recent years, the NDEB has been proactive in implementing procedures to ensure the security of their examination questions and will continue to implement strategies to combat copyright infringement, examination reconstruction, and fraud undertaken by those participating in their examinations and assessments.