Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes and the maintenance of the health, function, and aesthetics of these structures and tissues.


The NDSE in periodontics evaluates your knowledge and clinical competence in periodontics at the specialty level.


Canadian periodontists are required to have broad knowledge and skills in eleven domains. The blueprint below indicates the domains and approximate percentage of questions in each domain.

Updated April 2020

Periodontics Blueprint  Approximate
% of questions
Oral Medicine and oral pathology 10
Anatomy / radiology / radiographic interpretation 10
Immunology and microbiology 10
Etiology / physiology / periopathology 10
Patient history and examination 5
Diagnosis 5
Prognosis 5
Treatment of periodontal disease (including evidence-based treatment) 20
Implantology 15
Medically compromised patients and medical emergencies 5
Anxiety and pain management/pharmacology 5
Total 100%


The examination will be administered in two three-hour parts. The examination format consists of a mix of stand-alone short- and long-answer questions that assess general knowledge (and application of knowledge) and case-based questions that assess diagnostic and clinical decision-making ability.

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