Getting your Certification and License

An NDEB NDSE certificate is issued upon successful completion of the NDSE and after proof of graduation is provided to the NDEB office.

Program How to submit proof of graduation
Graduates of accredited dental specialty programs You must request an original official academic record be sent directly to the NDEB in a sealed envelope upon completion of the program. The final academic record must indicate the date the degree was conferred. An interim academic record will not include the date of conferral and is not acceptable.
Individuals who have successfully completed a DSATP An official letter on university letterhead bearing the signature of the program director must be sent directly to the NDEB office. The letter must indicate the start and end date of the DSATP.

The provincial Dental Licensing Authorities (DRAs) are responsible for issuing dental licenses. Once certified, contact the DRA in the province you wish to practice.