IMPORTANT NOTICE: Application and registration for the NDSE has been delayed due to COVID-19. Over the coming weeks the NDEB will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak to determine if it will be possible to administer the NDSE in June 2020. We understand that this uncertainty may be stressful; however, a decision on how to proceed must be made considering the health and safety of all concerned, and in line with government and public health directives. The NDEB is committed to informing prospective NDSE applicants about the examination by April 25, 2020.

Who can take the NDSE?

Individuals who are within the final six months of an accredited dental specialty programs or individuals who have completed an accredited specialty program or dental specialty assessment and training program are eligible to take the NDSE.

What is the NDSE?

Individuals wishing to pursue licensure as a specialist in Canada, must pass the NDSE in their specialty. The NDSE is a one-day examination, administered once a year. Successful completion of the NDSE will allow an individual to obtain licensure as a specialist anywhere in Canada.

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How to prepare for the NDSE (coming soon)