The NDEB is continually monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and implementing strategies to protect examinees and staff. This section has been designed to answer questions you may have regarding NDEB activities impacted by the pandemic. We will continue to update this section as new information is made available.



When will the NDEB announce if my examination is cancelled or rescheduled?

The NDEB is monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 closely and intends to reschedule cancelled examinations when it is determined safe to do so, and when our third-party providers are able to host our examinations. Registered examinees will be notified by email if an examination is cancelled or rescheduled and what the next steps are. 

Registration to regularly scheduled examinations will be announced as usual in the News section of our website and on our Facebook page.

What if the COVID-19 situation changes in Canada? 

The NDEB will take the necessary steps to administer its examinations as scheduled; however, the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic across the country may result in the need to cancel or reschedule examinations. 

Will registration for the August AFK re-open?

Based on the current information available surrounding COVID-19, the NDEB has made the decision to cancel the August 2020 AFK. Registration to the December administration will not open to those not already registered. Registrants will be contacted by email on the next steps.

Will I get a refund of fees if my examination is cancelled?

If the NDEB needs to cancel an examination, you will be credited the registration fee. The fee will remain in your account and can be applied towards a future examination.

Will you offer exams in other centres for those unable to travel to Canada or across borders?

With the potential for travel restrictions to remain in place for several months, the NDEB is considering all possibilities to administer examinations while adhering to public health regulations and considering the health and safety of examinees and staff.

Will people who were registered for exams that are cancelled receive priority registration for new sessions?

NDEB registration has always been on a first come first served basis; however, this is an unprecedent situation. When the NDEB is able to resume regular operations, it will examine all possible options for registration and make the most appropriate decisions based on operational requirements and with the needs of the examinees in mind.

Who makes the decision about running the exams?

The NDEB will take the necessary steps to administer its examinations; however, the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic across the country may result in the need to change and/or cancel examinations. All decisions regarding the administration of the examinations will be made by the NDEB following the requirements for physical distancing and other rules and guidelines established public health authorities and governments.

Will time limits to complete the NDEB processes be modified due to examination cancellations resulting from COVID-19?

The NDEB By-Laws have been modified to include special temporary measures. This includes the temporary suspension of certain timelines. Please review NDEB By-Law 30.01 for details.


Will the timeline to submit appeals for the ACS be extended?

With the suspension of typodont viewings, we are investigating extending the timeline to submit appeals for the Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS). We will continue to monitor and follow the recommendations of Public Health and the Government of Canada and determine new submission timeframes when we know when typodont viewings can resume.

When will my ACS appeal be heard?

The NDEB is following the recommendations from Public Health and the Government of Canada to increase social distancing and avoid unnecessary outings and travel. Consequently, meetings of the Appeals Committee have been postponed until the recommendations indicate it is safe to resume travel and gatherings of larger groups. The NDEB will notify examinees who have submitted their appeal of the date of the hearings when they are available.

Is the June 2020 Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS) cancelled?

The June 2020 ACS has been cancelled. Anyone registered for the ACS will receive notification about next steps from our office through their online portal.


When will applications reopen for the Equivalency Process?

At this time, we are unable to provide information about when applications will reopen. When application does reopen, notification will be posted on our website and Facebook pages.

What do I do if my University can’t send the required documents because they are closed?

If your educational institution is closed, you will be required to wait until it can send the necessary documents for approval. This situation does not allow you to use the alternative document submission process, and the NDEB will not process applications without the required documents.

My tracking information indicates that my documents arrived at the NDEB but they're not entered as "Received" in my profile. Why not?

NDEB staff has been working remotely as we continue to follow government regulations surrounding COVID-19. Nevertheless, mail received during this time has been set aside and will be processed and entered into our system once normal operations resume. Our database and your profiles will be updated accordingly. Rush requests cannot be accommodated.

How long will it take to have my documents reviewed?

The document review process has multiple stages. When all your documents are received by the NDEB, an initial screening of the basic criteria is done. If, during this process, it is determined something is missing or submitted in incorrectly, the applicant receives an email. The documents then go in queue for a comprehensive review. This is done in two stages. After the second review you will receive an email indicating your application is approved, or that it cannot yet be approved and outline the steps you need to take to complete the application. The length of time it takes for an application to be approved varies and can depend on many factors including if it is considered a precedent file (new school, program, or official, or documentation that differs from what is typically received) and if documents were submitted according to the criteria outlined in the Required Documents.


Will certification be delayed?

Individuals who pass the Written Examination and OSCE in March and are expected to graduate in June may see delays in receiving certification if the university cannot provide proof of graduation to our office. Additionally, NDEB is not able to generate physical certificates until our employees return to their regular work environment. We ask for your patience and flexibility regarding certification. The Dental Regulatory Authorities can access certification information from our online register if required.