All fees must be paid by credit card through NDEB's online portal.

Application One-time fee, non-refundable $600.00

Written Examination


Written Examination outside of North America


Objective Structured Clinical Examination   


Objective Structured Clinical Examination outside of North America


Withdrawal prior to the registration deadline


Withdrawal after the registration deadline   


Withdrawal within 14 days of the examination date, or failure to appear for the examination

Full fee/examination
Manual rescore - Written Examination $150.00
Manual rescore – OSCE $400.00
Replacement certificate $75.00
Proof of Certification $30.00/letter

Policies regarding examination fees can be found in the NDEB By-laws and Policies for Assessment and Examinations. Be advised that the Dental Regulatory Authorities now have access to a database of certified dentists in Canada since 1996. Ensure that a proof of certification letter is necessary before making your request.  

Tax receipts for application fees and assessment and examination fees are generated annually and are available through your NDEB online profile.