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NDEBConnect Updates in Effect for Upcoming AFK Registration

Registration for the February 3, 2024 Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) is opening on October 3, 2023 at 10 a.m. EST.

After a number of exam registrations on our new platform, it has been determined that concurrent logins, more than one person logged in as a single user, has been at the root of various issues experienced during registration.

As a result, we have worked with our service provider to make changes to the NDEBConnect platform. These changes will be in effect when registration for the February 2024 AFK opens.

Beginning in October, candidates will not be able to login to their account from more than one device. If a login is attempted from another device, the user will be notified that the account is already being used and if they continue, the other session will be terminated and returned to the NDEBConnect login screen.

NDEB login information is private and should not be shared with others. Providing your login credentials to other individuals not only gives them access to your personal information but allows others to make changes to your personal information, and make transactions on your behalf, like withdrawing a registration.

To reset your NDEBConnect password, go to the NDEBConnect login and click “forgot password”. This will prompt you to enter your username. Select “Reset Password”. This will generate a password reset email.


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