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Engaging with Internationally Trained Dentists and Organizations Supporting their Integration into the Profession

Last week, the NDEB had the opportunity to meet with representatives supporting internationally trained dentists looking to become licensed in Canada.

Representatives from the Alberta Network for Immigrant Women and S.U.C.C.E.S.S in British Columbia met with NDEB Executive Director and Registrar Marie Dagenais to discuss the pathway to licensure for graduates of non-accredited dental programs. Both the Alberta Network for Immigrant Women and SUCCESS provide a range of supports for immigrants in their communities.

Later in the week, NDEB President Amarjit Singh Rihal and Communications Manager Kim Phillips met with a group of Ukrainian dentists based in Manitoba. This meeting provided an opportunity for the dentists to ask questions and to receive information from the NDEB on the process of becoming a dentist in Canada. The participants exchanged information on credential recognition, examinations, fees, and processes in place in the case an applicant cannot obtain the required documents. This is particularly relevant given the ongoing situation in the Ukraine.

The NDEB welcomed the opportunity to speak with each of these groups and provide accurate information and expectations about the NDEB Equivalency Process. The NDEB looks forward to continued collaboration with these groups, and with other organizations who strive to support internationally trained dentists in their journey toward licensure in Canada.

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