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The Virtual OSCE: NDEB® New Certification Examination

In March 2023, the NDEB® will administer the first Virtual OSCE. The Virtual OSCE will replace the Written Examination and OSCE as the examination required for certification as a dentist in Canada.

The Virtual OSCE will be a computer-based examination consisting of 200 questions, including 50 standard single multiple choice and 150 case based questions that can both include photos, radiographs charts and other supporting material. You can find more information about the Virtual OSCE on our website.

To help examinees prepare for the Virtual OSCE, we have released a number of frameworks that can be obtained from the How to Prepare section of the NDEB website. A short video tutorial has also been created to help familiarize examinees with the new examination platform. Those who are interested can also join our information session on the Virtual OSCE being held November 5, 2022.

Individuals who are eligible to register for the Virtual OSCE can do so through their NDEBConnect account starting December 1, 2022. Not sure if you are eligible, visit our How to become a licensed dentist in Canada web page and answer a few questions to determine what pathway you should follow.


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