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NDECC® Administration Update

Following the release of the NDECC® blueprint in November 2021, the NDEB® has been working on completing construction of the NDECC® Test Centre and finalizing the criteria for the examination.

The NDEB® had hoped to administer the first NDECC® in June 2022; however, significant roadblocks including disruptions to the supply chain linked to the pandemic, human resources, and protests in Ottawa have impacted our ability to meet the necessary milestones for a June launch.

Almost complete, NDECC simulation clinic

Looking ahead, the NDEB® has set a target date of September 7-8, 2022 for the first administration of the NDECC®. In order to provide examinees with important information about the examination, the NDECC® Protocol and Practical Guide are scheduled for release the first week of March, six months before the first administration of the examination.

Additional test dates in 2022 will be published in an examination calendar in the NDECC® section of our website. Preliminary scheduling for 2022 has 18 NDECC® sessions scheduled between September and December.

With the delay of the first administration, the NDEB® has adjusted the eligibility timelines for those already eligible for the NDECC®. Originally, the five year timeline to successfully complete the NDECC® was set to begin on January 1, 2022. This date will be moved to September 1, 2022. For those who pass the ACJ™ in 2022 or later, the five year eligibility will begin when they receive a passing grade for the ACJ™.

Following the release of the NDECC® documentation, Dr. Marie Dagenais, NDEB® Executive Director and Registrar will host a webinar focusing on the NDECC®. During the webinar, Dr. Dagenais will answer questions from attendees related to the examination. Information on how to participate in the webinar will be made available on our website and through our Facebook page.

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